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Hermods simple guide to sfi (Swedish for immigrants)

Swedish for immigrants (sfi) is an integration and educational program for beginners where you learn to speak Swedish and learn about the Swedish society. The concept of sfi is simple – free courses for everyone over 16 years of age, who legally reside in Sweden and lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language.

Swedish for immigrants was created in Sweden in the mid-60s and provides education for approximately 100 000 students annually. Sfi through the years have struggled with its learning approach as some students think the tempo is too slow, while others think it is too fast.

If you choose to study sfi at Hermods, this will not be an issue. Our sfi education is tailored towards your prerequisites and knowledge-level. With Hermods you will be able to learn Swedish fast and simple at your own speed to be able to live and work in Sweden.

Hermods sfi education

We currently offers two different study directions within sfi:

  • Swedish for immigrants (sfi)
  • Swedish for a profession (vocation swedish)

Swedish for immigrants

Swedish for immigrants is for you who live in Sweden and have another language than Swedish as your native language. There are three study paths within sfi (1,2 and 3) and four courses (A, B, C and D). Which study path and course you will partake in depends on your proficiency in Swedish and your previous education.

You can read all the different courses at Hermods, from 1A to 3D:

If you live outside of Sweden but are planning to move here, we also offer sfi online courses. We give you the opportunity to learn Swedish wherever you live and whenever it fits you. You will partake in our sfi online courses via our web-based platform Novo from where you also can access all your assignments and study material. Via Novo you will also be able to ask questions to a Swedish teacher who will answer within 24 hours all business days.

Read more about sfi online, sfi online and frequently asked questions and answers.

Vocational Swedish

Hermods course in Swedish for a profession is tailored towards you who need to practice your language skills in Swedish for a current or future job. In this course you will combine learning Swedish with getting practical experience at a workplace and prepare to take you into the labor market.

Together with your supervisor, you will devise a plan to conduct your Swedish language studies so you can perform at work while simultaneously developing your Swedish language at your own speed.

Hermods is a subcontractor to Coaching & Utveckling who is on the order of Arbetsförmedlingen. To be able to partake in our course you thereby need to be registered at Arbetsförmedlingen.
Read more about Hermods vocational Swedish course.

Study sfi

The requirements to be participate in sfi are:

  • Be over 16 years old
  • Reside legally in Sweden, this means being registered in the Swedish tax agency (Skatteverket) and have a personal number (personnummer)
  • Lack basic language skills in Swedish (it is okay to have a little bit of prior Swedish knowledge)

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Hermods enkla guide till sfi (Svenska för invandrare)
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