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Welcome to Hermods

Hermods - since 1898

Hermods AB was founded in 1898 and is one of the oldest educational companies in Sweden. We help 60 000 students with education, coaching and job matching every year through our high schools, Polytechnics, adult education and sfi. We give individual support to find the right job, we give new Swedes an introduction to the community and supports people who need rehabilitation. Hermods is a part of AcadeMedia, Sweden's largest education company, dedicated to creating a better future through high quality education, good performance and innovation.

We help you reach your goals

At Hermods have held correspondence courses for 116 years and over the years we have helped over four million people to shape their future.

We reflect society's development and we support each person's need to be an involved citizen. To help people to freely choose their path in life in order to reach their goals runs like a thread through our history. It is also the history of Sweden.

We provide education, coaching and support

Hermods started as an educational company, but today we are much more than that. We help people find their dream jobs, we give new Swedes introduction to the community and we support people who need rehabilitation, just to name a few of our areas of expertise.

Our tools have always been education and support to you as an individual. No matter where you come from, what conditions you have or what your situation is, we want to give you what you need. It can be a straightforward and effective course, coaching to find the right job or anything else that will help you create a good future. 

We have room for everyone

At Hermods you will meet people who study everything from advanced IT-courses and professional programs to high school students who study pre-university programs and sfi (swedish for immigrants) students. In this way we are a reflection of today’s society. We make it possible for people to choose their own way and future. Our work plays an important role for those who need help with today’s challenges, and we do it with our whole heart, and with a focus on the individual's goals. With us there is room for everyone.

Our vision

Leading within education, integration and help towards occupation. 

Our business

Hermods develop customers and employees through quality and innovation. We believe in the individual's own ideas and responsibility for achieving clear goals - therein lies the power that creates results.

Quick facts about Hermods 

• Educates and supports people to work since 1898
• Available in more than 180 locations
• Has about 800 employees
• Has more than 70 000 students, participants and pupils per year
• Holds 70 vocational courses in the form of Polytechnic, job training and vocational training for adults
• Holds more than 200 courses for adults
• Offers SFI, rehabilitation services and social services, through custom programs provide support on the way towards working life
• Runs two high school movement in the theoretical programs and vocational programs
• Winner of Gazelle Award as fast-growing company in 2012 and 2013
• Owned by a solid, long-term investor in the form of AcadeMedia AB