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Read our tips on learning Swedish

Learning Swedish

Swedish is considered one of the easiest languages to learn if you speak English, or another language in the Germanic language tree. So, if you’re able to read this, you’re already well on your way to learning Swedish!

On this page we’ll share Hermods best tips on how to study Swedish and increase the speed at which you learn Swedish. 

1. Study a Swedish language course

The first tip is the most obvious one: study Swedish through a language course at Hermods. This is the safest and most structured way to learn Swedish. You will begin with the fundamentals of the Swedish language, creating a solid groundwork to learn Swedish correctly from the beginning.

You can study our language course sfi (Swedish for immigrants) in a classroom, or online if you don’t live in Sweden or simply don’t have the time or resources to study at our school. Regardless of your previous experience with Swedish, we always suggest participating in a language course to study Swedish.

The following points should be seen as complements to learning Swedish through a language course. While they are great ways to learn Swedish, they are not a replacement for a language course.

2. Listening to Swedish music

Listening to Swedish music is a great way to learn the melody of the Swedish language and the pronunciation of many words. It’s also a fun way of learning the Swedish language.

Here’s a few artists we suggest you listen to:

  • Markoolio (Pop/comedy songs)
  • Timbuktu (Rap)
  • Veronica Maggio (Pop)

3. Listen to Swedish podcasts and radio

Listening and learning Swedish through podcasts and radio is similar to listening to music. You get a good feel for the flow of the Swedish language and can always stop in the middle of it to look up words you’re not familiar with. 

4. Read books in Swedish

A great way to learn Swedish for beginnings is by reading a book in Swedish. A good tip is to start with a basic children’s book as this is a great introduction to the Swedish language and can really help you increase your Swedish. 

5. Watch a movie in Swedish

While you could also watch a foreign movie with Swedish subtitles, it’s usually best to watch a movie where they actually speak Swedish with the subtitles ON. In this way you’ll both see how each individual word is spelled and hear how it’s pronounced.

Study Swedish for beginners at Hermods

Learning Swedish does not have to be “boring” in the sense you only read and complete different assignments. Our best tip is to surround yourself with the Swedish language. It’s like exercising. You need to practice continuously to become stronger, and if you stop, you’ll unfortunately lose some of your progress. 

Continue reading, listening and watching everything you can get your hands on in Swedish and you’ll be fluent in no time. 

For more information about Hermods courses in Swedish, contact us or apply through our sfi registration today.