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Sfi registration - How to apply

How to register for sfi at Hermods when living in Sweden

Apply to Hermods sfi - swedish for immigrants via your municipal office. Contact the sfi manager in your home municipality to assist with your sfi registration or visit your municipal office and bring your birth certificate and some ID such as a passport or driver's license with you. After your sfi application is approved you can start your Swedish course at Hermods.

You can read sfi both on-site and as an Swedish online course if you live in Sweden, where you can also mix and match to your preference. 

Read in Swedish about SFI and studying sfi at a distance.

Where can I find Hermods sfi?

Here are the municipalities where you can find Hermods sfi:


Criteria for applying for sfi at Hermods

  • Reside legally in Sweden, this means being registered in the Swedish tax agency (Skatteverket) and have a personal number (personnummer).
  • Be over 16 years old.
  • You lack the basic knowledge of the Swedish language (it is okay to have a little bit of prior Swedish knowledge).

How to register for sfi at Hermods when living outside of Sweden

There is no sfi online registration for when you live outside of Sweden. Instead, you buy the sfi courses through our webshop to study them on your own through our platform Novo. The sfi online courses are based on our on-site sfi courses in Sweden and is more of a preparation before moving to Sweden. Be aware that you won’t get a final grade if you’re reading our online sfi courses outside of Sweden. They do however contain self-correcting tests that indicate your current level of Swedish language proficiency.

We offer three Swedish language courses:

Need help?

Contact Hermods directly and we’ll guide you through the process of your sfi registration and answer any questions you may have.