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Swedish for foreigners – intermediate course
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Swedish for foreigners – intermediate course

The aim of the course is that you will learn to read, listen, speak and write in Swedish prior to your arriving here in order to communicate in different situations: in everyday situations, at work or at other social events.
After the course

Swedish for foreigners – intermediate course is the second of two courses in Swedish for foreigners and gives a good foundation for learning the Swedish language.

Prior knowledge and qualification

The course consists of the following components:

  • Study guides
  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Assignments
  • Online lessons
  • Course library
  • Course forum

The course is divided into three parts and focuses on different themes in the Swedish society. Part 1 deals with the following themes, Sweden, culture and economy. Part 2 deals with politics, law and order and education and work.

This course is equivalent to the B1/B1+ level in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


  • Ämnesområde: SFI
  • Kurskod: SFIKUD9-WB